Monday, October 3, 2011

Sheffield-based CNC machine tool distributors Ward Hi-Tech hit the jackpot fast

Sheffield-based CNC machine tool distributors Ward Hi-Tech hit the jackpot fast, after launching its new range of heavy duty, long-bed CNC lathes manufactured by SFM of Taiwan.

Ward Hi Tech new agency finds ready buyersWithin a few weeks of launching the new agency, the company struck a deal with a major supplier of machined forgings to supply an SFM Model CHT56 for producing, amongst other things, a range of lengthy forged rods used in the manufacture of tracked vehicles.

The machine had to be rigid and powerful enough to cope with the arduous machining process and have the capacity to allow deep internal bores to be machined to a fine finish.

SFM's CHT56 provided the solution ideal. With a swing of 1,420 mm and heavy duty headstock, the machine comfortably accommodated the heavy adjustable fixture necessary to hold the customer's range of components, and the robust boring station option allowed a 150 mm diameter by 2.5m long Sandvik balanced boring bar to be employed to produce the internal diameters.

So successful was the initial installation that the client quickly decided to return and order a further two SFM machines to similar specification.

"Seldom have we had such an immediate positive reaction to the launch of a new agency," said Ward Hi-Tech UK sales manager Mike Burke.

"Shortly after confirming this initial order for these three SFM lathes at a combined value of around £700,000, we sold a model CST42 with 1,070 mm swing by 4,000mm between centres valued at over £220,000 to an existing customer of ours based in the Midlands.

"All in all, we are over the moon with the results and by the reaction generally that we are getting to the SFM product range."

Sales Manager of Murata’s Machine Tools Division

The Machine Tools Division of Murata Machinery USA Inc. has announced the promotion of Steve Landrum to North American sales manager for the Turning Division. He moves up to the position after four years as regional manager for turning in the company’s Southeast Gulf Coast territory.

Announcing the promotion, Kevin Wigington, general manager of the Machine Tools Division, said Landrum’s new position includes responsibility for all aspects of supporting Murata’s distribution network, including regional sales managers’ efforts to promote the company’s turning products.

“Steve is well-qualified for this position,” said Wigington. “His long, successful career in the machine tool business includes more than 20 years of experience in direct sales and sales management.”

“In the short term, Steve will continue to service the Southeast Gulf Coast territory,” Wigington continued, “and as general manager, I’ll continue to be involved in turning sales. But when the transition is complete, I’ll be able to devote more time to the Machine Tools Division’s fabrication and operations departments.”

“We appreciate the efforts of all our distributors, and we look forward to even greater successes with the addition of Steve Landrum as sales manager,” he concluded.

Murata Machinery USA, Inc. is a world leader in manufacturing automated material-handling systems, machine-tool technology and textile machinery. The Machine Tool Turning Division supplies twin- and single-spindle automated turning centers that provide innovative technology and compact designs for high productivity with intelligent gantry-loader material handling.

Users of Muratec’s automated CNC turning lathes include aerospace manufacturing, automotive engineering and other industries that depend on precision, high-speed turning machines. All Muratec turning machines incorporate environmentally friendly, semi-dry cutting features to reduce dust, oil mist and odor for a safer work environment.

For more information on Murata Machinery or its products, visit or call 704-875-9280.

Manufacturing officials from around the world are expected to be in Detroit

Manufacturing officials from around the world are expected to be in Detroit this week for a new trade show that officials say will rival the annual North American International Auto Show held in January.

More than 70 companies are participating at the Detroit International Advanced Manufacturing Technology Show from Monday through Saturday at Cobo Center in downtown Detroit.

"DIAMTS will focus on what Detroit needs urgently,” reads the show’s website. “The first theme is OEM auto parts and components, system and modules; the second theme is EV, its system and modules, parts and components, and everything related to green energy in automotive; and the third theme is Advanced CNC machinery and production automation.

"Through DIAMTS, Detroit is going to cooperate with international automotive companies and create a win-win situation for everybody. “

According to reports, speakers include Kirk Lewis, former chief of staff of Detroit Mayor Dave Bing and previously a debt analyst at Ford Motor Co., and Chris Brower of consultancy KPMG.

Oct. 2, the Detroit News: “More than 200 booths have been sold, according to the show's organizer, Detroit International Auto Salon. The participating firms are mostly American, including Detroit's automakers, but others are from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Austria, the Netherlands and Nigeria.”

Click here to register for the free conference, organized by Detroit International Exhibition LLC and Detroit International Auto Salon.